The darkest and most dangerous secrets whatsapp keeps


Whatsapp is the world’s most popular internet instant messaging application. It was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum and is now owned by Facebook after the acquisition of the popular app on Valentine’s Day 2014. This application does nothing but grow and grow, its spectacular numbers are increasing day by day reaching figures that nobody can imagine and that could be multiplied with the current implementation of the service for PC and the next addition of free calls. But what’s behind whatsapp? What are the daily figures? What dark secrets does the popular green logo hide?

Whatsapp an application that is not what it seems
The figures for this application are great, being one of the best telecommunications in the world. It currently has more than 700 million active users worldwide, sending 30 billion messages.

I suppose you know how it works or at least the basics, but there are really some details that can directly affect you if you trust this application. To begin with, as the popularity of whatsapp grew, various problems and discomforts arose from customers.

One of the first problems faced by staff was the easy vulnerability of message security. I mean, until recently, stealing the conversation history of someone using this application was relatively simple but what happens now?

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Secrets that keeps whatsapp that could be dangerous
It’s true that text messaging security has been improved, but it’s worth noting that multimedia files like photos, for example, still travel in plain text, which means it’s easy for someone outside of you or your contacts to access those files. Now, is it really free to install this application? The answer may be yes, in case you are referring to money as they do not charge any amount for their services, but if they ask for something in return, what is it?

If you are detailed or cautious you will have noticed that at the time of installation they ask you to give permission to certain things, one of them is the list of contacts you have on your cell phone. This way they have full access to see which of your friends list or our friends list has their application installed and which ones don’t.

Nowadays, thanks to the fact that Facebook bought Whatsapp, things become even more intimate because they can access our Facebook and also see which of our friends don’t have their application and from there bombard them with advertising or techniques that lead them to install this application, creepy, right?

Other things you give your phone permission to access the status and identity of the phone that can make calls to your phone contacts if they don’t look, you can also modify certain settings on your phone to block or delete content from your memory card.

If you have this application installed and you see something strange on your cell phone, whether it’s your contacts or settings, you shouldn’t be scared because you have authorized it to happen yourself.