Man-Made Earthquakes A Cold War Mystery

terremotos en la guerra fria

Since creation, earthquakes have been one of the most devastating natural events to which humanity has been subjected. Disasters that have caused millions of human, material and monetary losses to different countries. One could never forget the earthquakes in Chile in 1960, and the one that struck Alaska in’64 and Russia in’54. But if we talk about the most recent ones, we should mention the earthquakes in Indonesia in 2005, in Chile, once again in 2010 and the one that caused the most commotion, that of Japan in 2011.

These were disasters that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, as well as millions of deaths. All natural tragedies, right? But what if I didn’t?

Artificially caused earthquakes.
If we look at the dates of the earthquakes that are considered the strongest that struck humanity, we can notice something peculiar, and that is that each one has a period of no more than 10 years between them, the same happens with the most recent ones. Is it a coincidence or will there be something behind it?

Well, there is a theory that humans are capable of creating earthquakes artificially, in fact, famous television programs have discussed the possibility of manipulating the geophysical structure of the planet, a fact, they say, is proven.

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The cold war and the creation of a machine capable of provoking earthquakes and earthquakes.
In the years of the Cold War, a Russian scientist is said to have perfected a device behind the iron wall that was capable of causing such vibrations, causing geophysical disturbances on the planet, causing the tectonic plates to rub too much together, causing a “readjustment” movement.

In fact, on TV, they showed documents of an aircraft turbine-like device that was attached to the surface of the earth and, according to the program, was capable of generating earthquakes. The device, he says, was purchased by the U.S. government and its whereabouts are still unknown.

Not for nothing, in 1976 the United Nations passed a law prohibiting the use of military weapons that were capable of altering the environment.


There is more evidence to show that many earthquakes were intentionally created, such as the lights that appeared in the Chinese sky in 1976 before the great Tangshan earthquake, the same lights that, according to some users, appeared in the Mexican sky during the 2018 earthquake.

Many theories revolve around this, but seeing what human beings have been capable of throughout history because of their ambition for power, it does not seem unreasonable that the greatest natural disasters caused by earthquakes have been caused by enemy countries or by the government itself.