Global warming and NASA’s responsibility


Little is known about the relationship between global warming and NASA, many know that NASA is the U.S. agency in charge of its space program. Despite not being the only country that has an agency in charge of looking after its interests beyond our planet, the great media campaign it receives has made it the best known and practically the only reference when it comes to trips to outer space.

But is so much publicity good for a government agency? It depends a lot on the point of view in which you look at it, however, for no one is a secret that, having so much media power worldwide, what NASA says on any subject is practically a creed and that will be very difficult to doubt, being able to make us believe many things that, perhaps, are false.

Global warming and NASA.
One of the things NASA has long researched is the systematic increase in the Earth’s temperature, which they say is rising slowly but surely. In fact, the phenomenon to which they attribute this increase in temperature is the greenhouse effect, resulting in global warming.

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A name that, by simply saying it, already generates a collective hysteria that has provoked numerous demonstrations and marches against certain organisms accused of “accelerating” the destruction of the planet. Transnational corporations, specifically, but is this entirely true?

The manipulation of data on global warming and NASA
Friedrich Karl Ewert is a German doctor and geologist who has done a study, based on all the data supplied by NASA from 1940 to 2010 and public data on the more than 6000 measuring stations scattered around the world, discovering that, indeed, NASA had manipulated its own figures, making believe that the planet was warming when, on the contrary, each of its continents (except Australia/Oceania), has suffered a drop of almost two centigrade degrees in temperature.

global warming and the nasa

Why did NASA manipulate the data, creating all the fuss we have today? Many people attribute it to a way of keeping the media level on the rise because, for no one, it is a secret that there are many businesses behind the space agency.