FAST Radio Telescope Inaugurated: China Seeks Extraterrestrial Life!


On September 25, 2016 China inaugurated the FAST radio telescope, a 500-meter spherical aperture telescope, which becomes the largest in the world; it was presented at a ceremony attended by hundreds of astronomers and other guests.
It’s located in the Chinese province of Guizhou, southwest China, the FAST is composed of 4,450 panels which will receive signals from space. The total cost is 180 million dollars. It’s 500 meters in diameter; the reflecting panels would occupy 30 football fields.
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So far the largest in the world was the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico, which is 350 meters in diameter, compared to the Chinese 500, the sensitivity of the Chinese telescope is double and increases 10 times the tracking speed, the telescope will detect pulsars Space and interstellar molecules in search of signs of alien communication.
The construction project began in March 2011 with completion date for September this year, and as we see the deadline was met exactly.
Due to the wide area of land needed for the project and the waves it emits, about 9,000 people living in the area had to be relocated to homes located more than 5 km from the telescope.
Beijing authorities have said that the radio telescope will be open to other scientists in the world, although in the first two years will only be used by Chinese scientists who’ll be dedicated to give the final adjustments.
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China is doing things very well, in summer it put into orbit the world’s first quantum satellite and 2 weeks ago launched its second space laboratory.
In personal opinion, we expect a lot from this radio telescope, like the advances mentioned above, the Chinese government has nothing to envy to NASA.
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