Earthquakes and Natural Disasters: The Preamble to Greater Danger?


So far in 2018, we have witnessed many natural disasters which, although they have not had a truly significant impact on individuals, we do not know what they can cause as a whole. Since earthquakes, hurricanes, active volcanoes and more have occurred near the Pacific Rim in such a recurrent way that nature seems to be showing itself to be mean to us, or are they the preamble to a greater danger?

This is not the first time we have mentioned that humans have tried to manipulate nature, so we may be witnessing the beginning of some greater danger.

Earthquakes and natural disasters could mean that the earth is in greater danger.
We all know that the world’s leading governments possess technology that we may not even imagine possible. Since the Second World War, there has been talk of artifacts capable of creating earthquakes. Almost 100 years later, the possibility that it has developed to the level of being able to create tsunamis, tornadoes and activate volcanoes is much more than certain.

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If we listen to the speeches of the president of the world’s leading power, Donald Trump, he has often mentioned that the United States has a space army and would not hesitate to use it… Use a space army… Is there a space threat? Perhaps we should, and perhaps we should be alert to any possible threats.

What does the next few years hold for us?
We don’t know, but there is some reason behind the activation of volcanoes and earthquakes throughout the entire length and breadth of the planet’s fire centurion zone. Never before have so many seismic movements occurred so frequently.

Are we looking at an attempt to create collective chaos? It could be. One of the ways that governments around the world have used to implement laws or reforms that they know people will accept is in the midst of a disaster or event that captures their full attention.

This could be something similar on a global scale. Will it be the establishment of a new world order? We don’t know, but it’s best to be prepared for any calamity.