What’s going on on Planet Mars?


What mysteries the Planet Mars hides
For more than 3 years the Mars rover Curiosity robot has been taking pictures on the surface of Planet Mars. The same is the largest NASA has ever sent to the red planet. These high-resolution images are received by NASA, which then publishes them in its web gallery for the public to enjoy.

Planet Mars is only half the size of the Earth. It is also in an orbit farther from the sun.

Exploratory probes have been sent to Venus and the Moon Titan on Saturn. However, nothing as interesting as our red neighbor has been found so far.

Lately a series of strange photographs have been published that have caused great concern. This is not only true for researchers but also for the general public. Some of these images are the spherical rock and the pyramid that is assumed to be the size of an automobile but is thought to be only the tip of a larger height. Likewise, the images of some rocks that appear to be bones in their place have been revealed.

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Two photographs of Planet Mars cause enormous controversy
The ones that have been developed in the last photos taken by the robot explorer, have caused great scandal. This is a pair of photographs published on the official NASA website.

They have puzzled all observers and so far there has been no response from the authorities so it is up to you to draw the conclusions of the case.

In the first one you can see a bipedal being on the edge of a cliff. At first glance it doesn’t seem unusual, but when you zoom in, the silhouette of the being jumps into the light.

The second image causes more commotion as an arachnid-like being is observed at the entrance of a cave.

This leads us to ask ourselves a couple of questions: What is really happening on Planet Mars? And why has NASA allowed the publication of these photos?

These images add up to a long list that leaves many questions unanswered. However, they show some evidence of life on Planet Mars. What do you think of these photographs? Speak your mind. For now I invite you to watch this video that details more about the subject.