What they are and what the bright lights before earthquakes mean


In Malagasy in 1977, villagers claimed to have seen bright lights in the sky just before the earthquakes occurred. 36 years later, the same bright lights were seen in the Mexican sky. What are they?

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many catastrophes that have struck it. From hurricanes and storms, pests and diseases and, above all, earthquakes. There is no natural event that has generated more disaster worldwide than the earthquakes, which not only affect the structures of buildings and streets, destroying the lives of many families throughout history.

But the most serious damage is to the foundations, often altering the soil and making the place unstable and unsafe. Earthquakes have their scientific explanation, however, there is an event that continues to generate uncertainty around the world.

The bright lights before the earthquakes.
Although it has a scientific basis that explains the appearance of these strange light formations in the sky that preside over a telluric disaster of terrible proportions. Many are not satisfied with the explanation that they are only electrically charged rocks and have created different theories that are able to give an explanation.

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Many times reality surpasses fiction, which is why the most famous theory surrounding these apparitions is the one that mentions the extraterrestrial presence. Earthquakes could be intentionally caused to study humanity’s reaction to changes in its environment and daily routine.

Are we just guinea pigs in earthquakes?
Many ufologists attribute these colossal disasters to extraterrestrial beings, claiming that only a few earthquakes have shaken the world. If this were the case, the human race would be nothing more than an object of research for beings more advanced than us, the most interesting thing about it is that there is ancient evidence to suggest that the human race could be the creation of extraterrestrial beings.

The Sumerians worshipped reptilian-like beings called Apkallus, who appear in multiple recordings of the time in which they mention several times that they were their creator Gods.