What is hidden in Hotel Zaza’s room 322?


There are many paranormal stories; there’s no place that doesn’t have any of them. Some stories are related to monsters coming out of the worst nightmares, others refer to sites used for the worst purposes that may exist. This time we’ll talk about one of those places, it is a hotel that hides a strange story that has gone around the world for how disturbing it becomes.

The Place of the Facts

This is the hotel Zaza, located in the United States in the state of Texas, specifically in the locality of Houston. It’s a hotel that seems to be commonplace for its beautiful appearance and because of its positive reviews, being listed as a 5 star hotel. Throughout history it has been shown that not everything that glitters is gold, and sometimes the most elegant and refined things can hide the worst perversions of all.

Hotel History

It all starts with an unusual post made on Reddit; on the website the person who managed to witness everything calls himself “HairBalls“, he relates that he recently had to go along with his co-workers to a very important meeting in Houston. The Hotel most recommended by all was the Hotel Zaza, as soon as they arrived to the place they managed to get the last available rooms of the hotel, despite not having had a previous reservation.

Everything looked normal and even thought that it was good luck, to his companions and him were given the keys to their respective rooms. The strange thing began when one of his mates ended up in a room very different from the rest. The room was smaller than the others, being a third smaller, had the furniture piled up and even got to block a little step and also part of the TV.

The floor seemed to be rustic, made of concrete and looked rather dirty; at the same time it was the only room with brick walls. Added to all that, the bed was tied to the wall by chains and on the walls were very disturbingworks of art“, one of the most curious was the portrait of a businessman. Also, it was embedded in one of the walls an unusual oversized mirror; apparently it was a double-glazed one.

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The room was 322; it certainly had no fancy appearance as pointed out by the hotel’s reputation. He and his companions went to ask the lobby, as soon as the clerk heard their doubts about the room he was frightened and told them that that room wasn’t mean to be rented by customers, so they changed their partner to another room.

The day the story came to the attention of the public, the hotel administration responded that the room was created to recreate a thematic experience about the idea of being in prison. Nevertheless, the room was never advertised in any tourist site; apart, inside the room there’s nothing that really says “prison” or look like one.

Fiction or Reality?

The images posted by the user “HairBalls” on Reddit became very popular and several Internet sites began to create conspiracy theories about the purpose of the hotel’s hidden room. In fact, the room has always existed; yet before that person was mistakenly rented that room, the world didn’t know that inside the most luxurious hotel in Houston was a place like that, since it was kept secret.

Many unreasonable conspiracy theories emerged at Reddit, some of which made mention of university fraternity meetings, as well as performing satanic rituals or conducting mafia meetings to deal with their uncertain source.

Other theories claim that it was a Illuminati meeting room, there they discussed their plans for the new world order. This hypothesis was made because of the businessman portrait, photo that doesn’t fit with the rest of the decor, turned out to be Jay Comeaux, former CEO of Standford Financial Group.

Time after, the blog “BoingBoing” defined the room as a quarter-prison for voyeuristic, being used by extravagant riches with those tastes. However, the hotel spokeswoman Kyra Cocks clarified that it’s only a thematic room called “Hard Times”, but never mentioned the reason of keeping it hidden nor the reason that room 322 doesn’t appear on the hotel website.

It can currently be rented for $180 a night, maybe it was a marketing strategy or actually the truth has been hidden around that room. We invite you to give us your opinion and share in this social network this fascinating story.