UFO experts claim to have found a UFO on Mars


Many have speculated whether the latest “discovery” on Mars is real or not. There are endless arguments circulating on the Internet and questions to NASA that requires answers. Are humans the only intelligent life in the Milky Way?

Firstly, conspiracy theorists have found on Mars a snake that is seen in the NASA photo. Recently, a UFO enthusiast believes there is a flying saucer starring in the photograph of the US space agency.

At first sight, the so-called UFO crashed and has a rather peculiar shape, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists are enforcing that it is a sign of alien flying saucer. Several ufologists want NASA to deepen the tests and exams on the area of ​​the sighting.

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According to an article in Inquistr, Thomas Jenses said, “We can imagine a scenario in which the last extraterrestrial visitors were forced to leave the spacecraft after it developed a mechanical or electrical fault. The ship’s crew could have put an SOS after they were stranded on the planet.

NASA has been sending missions to Mars in order to investigate if there are chances that the red planet can develop life and if no extraterrestrial life is currently on the red planet. NASA has not yet seen it as a UFO sighting.

According to several scientists, it could be one more case of pareidolia.