The whole truth about the Coyame UFO incident comes to light


There’s definitely something very strange behind the successive events of missing flights, leaving no trace and no apparent reason, as happened with the MH370 Malaysia Airlines more than three years ago. However, this type of events aren’t new, only due to the irruption of alternative media and social networks, it becomes increasingly difficult for the authorities to hide them, as they did in the past with many other cases, for example the emblematic Coyame UFO incident that has recently come to light the whole truth.

Real story of the facts related to the Coyame UFO incident

One morning in April 1974, the commanding officer of the Wright-Patterson military station, USA, was able to capture an impressive image on the radar monitor. It was an unidentified flying object moving over a desert area, near the Gulf of Mexico, towards the town of Coyame with a speed of approximately 4000 km per hour.

Immediately afterwards the officer could notice that in the same trajectory of the UFO but in the opposite direction a small civil airplane was displaced, which undoubtedly was going to collide with the strange flying object, that evidently was of extraterrestrial origin. The officer proceeded to report the news to his superiors, who made a nefarious decision.

The undercover accident

When officials at Ohio’s central base in the city of Columbus received that report, they immediately activated an unprecedented operation in conjunction with elite squadrons of the Border States with Mexico but not to prevent the plane crash, but with the purpose of promoting the occurrence of the same by omission, then recover the remains of the alien ship.

They could easily have established communication with the plane’s crew to divert its trajectory, so that it didn’t impact head-on with the UFO, but they preferred to let that fateful collision occur of which no survivor turned out, in order to seize the opportunity to obtain an alien ship and the remains of its crew.

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Something unexpected could damage the operation

In fact, everything went as planned for the perverse US officials, both aircraft collided and the US military was the first to arrive on the pretext of providing international humanitarian aid, however, something happened that had been left out of the premeditated calculations of the American military, which may well have damaged the operation.

On the one hand, as American officials arrived abruptly and without invitation to the scene, which is normal in this type of case, local officials were sent to the site too, who may have been a problem to the central objective of the Americans that was to seize the UFO, without anyone noticing it and without having to provide explanations or carry out any legal or diplomatic process.


In this sense, Mexican officials who were aboard the first patrol to reach the scene of the accident were easily neutralized and annihilated by the US military, and when the rest arrived it was too late, only the four policemen were found dead in the interior of the Jeep-type rustic vehicle and the plane, but there was no trace of the Americans or the UFO that caused the accident.

What appeared to be a perfect plan turned out to be more flawed than expected, since US officials didn’t know the local geography, so even though they only saw desert around them, the truth is that very close to where the incident occurred there’s the small town of Coyame, and most of its inhabitants could see how the US-flagged helicopters hooked the strange alien ship and took it away.

When they were discovered by the testimonies of the population of Coyame, the US authorities had only the option of covering the UFO incident up and ordering the lackey government of Mexico to deny the occurrence of that catastrophic accident. Police records and disappear any evidence of that fact.

It’s incredible that currently having available so advanced technology to locate any object on the planet, with GPS and in addition to establish satellite communication from any distance, aircrafts are still disappearing without explanation, obviously the world elites are covering sensitive information with all this, which most likely is related to UFO incidents such as Coyame.

It’s time for the world to be aware of this reality; therefore we count on you for the dissemination of this article in all your social networks.