NASA catches a giant UFO near the sun that disappears in 7 minutes


Since NASA‘s SOHO probe studies the sun, it has detected mysterious objects that approach dangerously close to our star without being affected by temperature or radiation.

In scale the mysterious object would have the size similar or equivalent to the moon, its structure seems to be metallic because it manages to reflect much light, no doubt that any object created by man wouldn’t be able to stay that distance from the sun without harm.

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According to the source, the factor that makes the assumption that the object was intelligently controlled is that within 7 minutes the object was no longer on the screen. What can move so fast?

There are very interesting theories in relation to these phenomena, some researchers claim that the sun works as a kind of dimensional “portal” that allows UFOs to travel between different dimensions or even recharge energy. Are there motherships near the sun?

The gigantic size of the object and its capacity of displacement make us suppose that it could indeed be some type of very advanced ship created by a technologically superior civilization.

It isn’t unreasonable to think that an extraterrestrial race looks for other civilizations taking as a reference a star, in fact this we do to explore the universe with our telescopes.

Would the light of the stars be the key to life? Is the sun a dimensional door?

Original Image: NASA