Does an Extraterrestrial Race control our Nuclear technology? What will be their intentions?


Iván Martínez from VM Gran Misterio has just made an interesting video related to the UFO presence in our military technology. No need to look too far back to find real references, we recently published a strange event in which the UFO presence can be linked during the launch of a space rocket from the SpaceX company which later exploited. Many people speculate that this rocket actually had no peaceful intentions but carried atomic content into space.

Ivan focuses his research on a book by renowned researcher Robert Hastings, this gentleman is one of the people who has deepened the relationship between the UFO phenomenon and nuclear weapons. According to the more than 40 years accumulating reports and evidence of UFO activity in military bases. He even claims that strange lights have deactivated or detonated nuclear weapons. But the big question is, what are the intentions of these beings?

If that wasn’t enough, Hastings claims to have documents where UFOs manifest themselves on military bases and subsequently completely disable the defense and weapons system.

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We are all aware of the existence of UFOs because it is an almost everyday factor in our lives, but not all of us are really aware of this interesting very convincing UFO-Nuclear Weapons pattern. According to Hastings, the Air Force and hundreds of secret files of the FBI and the CIA (some of which have been recently declassified) document this indisputable connection.

Investigator Robert also says that these incidents are not just about old or isolated cases, he says they are still very much in force and continue to generate a lot of headache for the military authorities and even many governments. These anomalous manifestations usually occur very close to the areas where there are intercontinental missiles or ballistic missiles.

In his research history, Robert was concerned to search and interview the old colonels and army generals already retired from the US Air Force, the achievement directly obtained some very convincing statements of the own staff that at the time had to lead with this mysterious phenomenon.

Some of the colonels involved with these encounters were excellent aviators who had reported strange events, which were later classified with direct implications for the nation’s security, these cases were taken extremely seriously.

We invite you to watch the video-program that Iván Martínez shares with us and reflect on who or who is watching us and, the most disturbing of all… why?