An alleged UFO appears from inside a storm


The UFO phenomenon has been transformed over time, previously it was very common to see the typical silver plates, but today luminescent UFOs are more common, reports of sightings have also changed as the phenomenon also did. But there are some cases that have prevailed in this phenomenon; as is the case with the strange relationship between UFOs and extreme weather events, such as a thunderstorm.

Recently a subject called Just Breathtaking published in his personal Facebook profile an amazing video, where it’s clearly reflected an unidentified flying object, very close to a huge cell of stormy clouds, where there were lightning and thunder. The question that many of us have asked themselves is, do UFOs use the energy of storms? Are there any more chances of catching a UFO during a storm? Everything indicates that the answer is YES.

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We can appreciate how this mysterious flying object moves in a straight line very close to the clouds. Some ufologists suggest the idea that UFOs are under ground or at the bottom of the sea, awaiting these extreme weather events in order to replenish natural energy.

According to UFO researchers, these objects desperately seek out instances where the earth releases large amounts of energy; there’s evidence that UFOs have been captured in other climatic or natural events, such as seismic movements, large tsunamis or even tornadoes.

Anomalous aerial phenomena have existed since very distant times, it would be extremely superb to ignore the UFO reality among humanity, and we recommend you watch the following video: