Alien probe? Family captured an object that baffles the experts


Al parecer la imagen, fue analizada y esIn a familiar walk can happen many unforeseen ones, among them the encounter with an authentic UFO. A family was walking along the moors of Yorkshire (England) when in one of its photographs appeared a gray object, which apparently has a halo around it, the image was captured by the smaller daughter named Nicole Smith, 19 years old, with her Mobile phone during a family day.

The family stated that her daughter was taking random pictures of the landscape on her way back from the falls, this event occurred around 5:00 pm.

UFO images taken by the family:

Apparently the image was analyzed and studied by an optical physicist who worked for the United States Navy.

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Dr. Bruce Maccabee, who’s now a leading ufologist, said: “I have no information on anything that resembles this.”

As it wasn’t seen at the time, there is no additional information on the distance of the object and the doctor says that it may be some insect that has just passed in front of the camera.

The witness said “I think there is life on other planets. Our planet is just one of many. We hear a lot of people claim to have seen them, so there must be something out there … We did not expect to photograph one.”

What do you think? A simple insect or the proof that there are alien probes watching over humanity?