While it isn’t common to see a UFO using its weapons, it isn’t the first time either; this time we see an unusual behavior of the UFO on chemical steles well known as Chemtrail.

At 1:19 the strange orb shows a weird behavior after performing a rare maneuver of acceleration and deceleration, he does a kind of “firing” towards some objective inside the Chemtrail.

Here you can see the maneuvers and the strange behavior of the UFO:

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The person who recorded the video said, “At this point, I can safely say that these things are intelligent or that they’re being controlled intelligently. I think they’re probably not like the Chemtrails planes, but they seem not to have the same mission or goal, otherwise why would they be shooting things? That’s just my speculation, nothing more”. The mysterious spheres have some things in common: they pulsate, they merge in a ball of light to an almost invisible point in the sky, perform maneuvers that defy the laws of physics and after they achieve their mission (whatever it is), they fly upward until they’re out of sight.

There are those who say that in recent months the UFO activity has intensified, if we consider the reports from all over the world, we still don’t know who controls these strange unidentified flying objects and we don’t know their true purposes.

Do you think this is a secret military project? Or is it maybe an extraterrestrial civilization investigating Chemtrails?