A plane crash is confirmed in which a UFO is involved


The leak of a military document has confirmed the occurrence of an air crash, in which a UFO crashed in the vicinity of a rural population in Canada, this is the most compelling evidence that has emerged in recent years, to prove that in reality alien ships roam within the Earth’s atmosphere, seemingly with the authorization of the top leaders of world power, who don’t want to do anything that could disturb the dangerous extraterrestrial powers.

Evidence speaks for itself

The data that have come to light on this revealing event don’t merit any interpretation, since the evidences presented speak for themselves in a forceful way. The discovery dates back to 1968 when an anonymous pilot of the Canadian Air Force noticed a strange ship destroyed in the vicinity of Lake Wollaston, immediately proceeded to inform his superiors and began an investigation.

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The whole procedure was carried out under the strictest hermetism, army commissions met on the spot with the support of US intelligence agencies, who worked together to carry out the respective planimetric surveys and sample collection, which were then carried to the United States to be analyzed in the most advanced laboratories for the time.

The results showed that the ship in question came from somewhere outside our planet, was equipped with systems of super-technology that wasn’t known on Earth at that time, and also used as a fuel a mineral, which is only found in asteroids and others celestial bodies.

These results were transmitted entirely by the US government to its Canadian counterpart, under a high level of encryption, they remained secret for several decades, nevertheless, recently this official document was leaked through a confidential source that has been willing to reveal from the government all the data they’ve kept hidden concerning the alien world.

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