Time travel and the irrefutable proof of its existence



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A man proves that time travel exists
There are many people in the world who firmly believe in time travel, perhaps because of the strength it has taken over the years and the number of subjects who claim to have traveled to the future or the past. It is impressive that these people come out of nowhere and predict many situations that will happen in the near future, yet science still refuses to believe that this kind of thing actually exists today.

In spite of all this, there are unusual cases in which we must simply believe the subject’s words, especially if he has been tested for polygraphs, as happened to James Oliver, a man who claims to be from the year 6,491 and from a planet far from our sun. At first it was believed that the traveler was actually a person with mental problems, but when he took the polygraph test and passed it without major inconvenience, the experts were shocked.

Time travel will be possible in the future
James Oliver was subjected to a series of really precise questions to determine whether or not he was lying and, to the surprise of all the experts present at the test, he managed to prove that everything he said was true. Among all the questions asked, Oliver answered that the earth was going to undergo a powerful warming, that they would be able to find extraterrestrial life in other galaxies and that far from what we currently think, aliens are good and that we should not judge before time.

He claimed that his time machine broke down right in 2018 and that’s why he was living in this year. He also mentioned that we will soon discover many other planets in the universe and that there we will find more intellectually advanced civilizations than humans and that we will not have to fear, in fact, a space institution will be created to regulate alien-human relations.