Thomas Johnson, knows the story of the boy who disappeared and returned at 60 years of age.


Time travels have attracted attention in recent years, this is because there are different accounts and testimonies, of people who claim to have witnessed or even experienced this strange phenomenon.  The case we are going to present you today, stands out for being one of the most amazing, since this person would have mysteriously disappeared and returned 60 years later, almost without physical differences.

This is the case of Thomas Johnson, it happened in July 1912, Thomas was an ordinary ten-year-old boy, who lived with his parents on a farm in NY, but one day when Thomas was playing with his friends near an artificial lake that was also part of his father’s farm and that was already there when his father had bought the farm, his father had forbidden him and his friends. Thomas was disbelieving these claims of his father and completely ignored the warnings, which I may later regret.

According to the witnesses, suddenly and suddenly a “whirlpool” began to form in that small and mysterious lake, the children were speechless, and they could only look with great amazement at this mysterious phenomenon, Thomas could not contain his curiosity and approached the lake a little bit to be able to observe better what was happening, when suddenly, the frightened children were witnesses of how that

His very frightened friends ran with Thomas’s father, to alert him of what had happened, his father ran quickly to the lake, but it was too late, then Thomas’s father, , his case was finally given as finished and never again searched for him.

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Thomas’s pope always blamed himself for what had happened, because despite his warnings, he felt that they had not been enough to avoid the tragedy, the years passed and the father did not completely overcome Thomas’ tragic accident, but something totally unexpected was about to happen.

In July 1970, almost 60 years after the tragic and unfortunate event, Thomas’s father, now 91 years old, was walking on his property, and on that mysterious lake he used to walk, to recall the memories of his son, when without waiting for him, he saw with much surprise, as in the strange lake began to form a whirlwind, exactly like the one that had absorbed his son.

Thomas, who was totally lost and disoriented when he saw his father was already very old, naturally did not recognize him and was scared at first, but after a conversation he knew that it was his father, Thomas was now 15 years, only five years had passed for him, while for his father and the world, fifty-eight long years had passed.

The authorities, upon learning of the mysterious event, took their fingerprints, since at first they believed that it might be some deception or an impostor, with the purpose of defrauding the poor old man (father of Thomas), but upon seeing the results they were completely surprised, when the fingerprints were exactly the same as those of Thomas Johnson, the child who had disappeared in 1912, with only ten years old.

As expected, this case attracted so much attention that both Thomas and his father decided to move and change their identity, the boy never wanted to reveal what he saw or lived in that period of time.

Could it have been Thomas Johnson, victim of an alien abduction? Do I really experience a slip in time? What do you think about this story?

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