They find a time capsule, with a message for the 2957 generation.



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In recent years man has made great advances and technological discoveries, all this was so rapid that for many people today, it seems very impressive to remember how things were 20 or 30 years ago.

Due to this type of advances and discoveries that have been achieved for many years, the human being has had the need or the idea of preserving some objects of the time and storing them in a container to be found in the future, so that the next generations could know the technology that was in our time, these containers are known as “capsules of time”.

But for reasons of chance and some good fortune, the capsule was found 943 years earlier than it was supposed to be, despite the great curiosity that there was in relation to the capsule, it was said that they were going to respect the original purpose and it would not be open.

Neveretheless, because it is made of crystal and because there are also records about it, it was known what this strange capsule contains inside, according to the records, in the capsule there is a letter indicating that those who open it will find documents on the state of science and research at the institute. These records also reflect that inside they placed a scientific journal, penicillin, some and coins.

The capsule is known to have been buried by the current president of the institute, seeking to send a message to future generations.