They discover that the “Wedge of Aiud” belonged to an alien ship


In the course of history we’ve realized that Romania is a fascinating territory full of mysteries on the banks of the river Danube, in this sense the “Wedge of Aiud” represents an additional element that confirms this presumption, given the fact that some time ago a prominent team of archaeologists found this aluminum piece, apparently by coincidence, while excavating the Danubian Basin, looking for mammoth fossils.

Extraterrestrial origin of the “Wedge of Aiud”

This casual discovery turned out to be more transcendent than the mammoth fossils that the explorers originally sought, since it’s too rare to find pure aluminum in nature, material of which this nut is made, also when they did the respective tests they could determine that said article is 20,000 years old, at which time human beings still didn’t know how to process metals and only had rudimentary tools made of sticks and stones.

All these elements described lead us to a single conclusion: undoubtedly the Wedge of Aiud is of extraterrestrial origin. This is the only reasonable explanation, even if members of the scientific community at the service of the highest spheres of power refuse to acknowledge it publicly, and do all in their power to hinder and discredit these investigations.

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Among the members of the multidisciplinary team, including ufologists, paleontologists, among other experts who carry out this research, have concluded that this aluminum piece could be a missing part of a UFO or a ship in which it moved from the future a time traveler, who probably intended to meet the mammoth and other extinct species while still living on Earth.

It’s evident that we’re not alone in the universe and we’re not even the only civilization that has occupied the planet Earth, however, this investigation continues its course and we’ll be attentive to the novelties arising from it to notify them immediately to our assiduous readers.

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