They discover a huge triangle-shaped building on The Red Planet


Every day arise new evidence of the existence of infinity of enigmas in the universe that the human being hasn’t been able to decipher. This reality gives us great suspicions, because many of these mysteries conceal important truths related to the history of humanity, either with the origin of our species or with the anthropological development of the same and are kept hidden with all intention or carelessness, denying to the majorities the vital knowledge about the meaning of our existence, as has happened with the strange triangular figure observed on the Martian surface, whose discovery hasn’t been informed to the general public.

An expert speaks

In one of his revealing video programs, the independent researcher José Luis Camacho, has informed the world what the domes of world power pretend to keep hidden. This is the discovery of a mysterious and huge triangle-shaped building on the red planet, which has been captured by Google Mars, generating a stir among members of the UFO community and conspiracy theorists.

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The figure in question consists of two perfect equilateral, one within the other, as can be seen in the multimedia material. This exact design leads us to dismiss flatly that it’s a fortuitous or spontaneous formation, so that from the first moment of the discovery have arisen an infinite number of hypotheses that seek to explain its authorship, most of which point to the Illuminati sect, who apparently have already marked the red planet as their property.

It should be noted that the symbol of maximum representation of this Masonic lodge is a triangle with an eye inside, called the eye that sees everything, so it isn’t surprising that they’ve left their mark on Mars, as a sign that it is the place where they plan to temporarily escape when they finish destroying Earth.

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