The U.S. Army acknowledges that it has used teleportation to transport its soldiers from one country to another (video)


Definitely teleportation is a subject that divides public opinion; on the one hand countless people consider it a really fascinating possibility, while on the other hand to many others it seems an unrealistic fantasy. But the truth is that in recent times there have been some indications, which seem to reveal that we could be very close to achieving this level of technological development in our means of transport, in fact the U.S. Army acknowledged having used teleportation to move its soldiers from one country to another.

Filtration of the news

A short time ago came unexpected news, which caused a great deal of commotion in the scientific community, military agencies and experts in the matter, because a human error allowed the leak of a confidential document on the website of the United States military, in which it was recognized that this institution has used teleportation in beta phase to transfer its soldiers instantly from one country to another.

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In this sense, some conspiracy theorists have made it clear that this apparent transcendental revelation causes them deep suspicions, raising the possibility that it might be a trick of military intelligence agencies to divert attention from more important issues, however, the document contained very strong and coherent scientific arguments, so everything seems to indicate that the news is authentic.

Said text was a private communication between two scientific teams serving the U.S. Army, it indicated that they had successfully carried out the teleportation of 9 Marines from Massachusett to Bavaria, Germany, and that they would soon be ready to move entire armies with heavy weaponry through the process of molecular disintegration and quantum transport of the matter from one place to another in an instant.

This is news that’s still under development, which we expect new details to emerge in the next few days, so we invite you to keep an eye on our publications and share this article in all your social networks.