The strange city that floats in the Chinese sky


Although it seems to be a subject of a science fiction film, the truth is that in recent years the thesis has taken force within modern physics, that none of us is a being in itself, since we’re only one vibrational point of an extended object, which has presence in infinite realities in the universe.

Therefore it’s foreseeable that there are multiple versions of our world interconnected through interstellar portals that are sometimes seen, as has happened in China when perceiving at first sight its parallel reality in a kind of city floating in the sky.

China is the chosen one

It’s not a secret that China has emerged as a giant that has awakened from a long lethargy to place itself at the same level of the greatest powers of the planet and threatened to embrace more and more geopolitical spaces, therefore, have greater influence in the world. But this growth of the Asian giant isn’t based on material factors, but mainly on the breadth of their minds that has allowed them to have a positive flow of energy in all their realities.

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This is due to the distinctive characteristics of Chinese culture, without attachment to Western materialism, but seeking the spiritual elevation of being, which has produced that they can see everything with greater clarity and therefore have been able to influence their destiny in a conscious way and to perceive with the glance the best kept secrets of the universe.

For the sake of humanity to access the essential mysteries of life and the universe the person must prepare himself to possess an adequate understanding and energetic charge, as it happened in China, that they could see themselves with the naked eye in a parallel dimension, due to the power of meditation and exploration of the being that has allowed them to experience a collective awakening of consciousness.

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