The sinister story of the box dybbuk


The Dybbuk box

The ancient Jewish religion has multiple traditions and histories. Just one of those stories is the one that summons us today. This time we’ll talk about one of the objects that has a bulky reputation in the paranormal.

Today we will review the mysterious and dark dybbuk box.

In Jewish folklore a dybbuk is known as a devil who’s able to cling to any living being, in fact, the translation from Hebrew to Spanish for the word dybbuk is “clinging.” From there is the idea that this demon can hold on to a human being and follow it wherever it goes, causing a series of problems all belonging to the paranormal field.

According to Jewish tradition the only way to get rid of the possession of a dybbuk is to lock the demon in a particular wooden box, box that has a whole series of symbolic and sacred elements for this religion.

The first dybbuk boxes were simply a wooden box to hold a bottle of wine and protect it from the sun’s rays, but quickly people found another use, which had nothing to do with the original purpose for which they were created.

Today, these boxes are made exclusively for the purpose of locking the dybbuk demons inside. Rabbis who are deeply knowledgeable about the subject do this procedure.

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The box should contain inside it a granite earthenware with the Hebrew word “Shalom” which means welfare, a red rose, 2 coins of low denomination, 1 lock of hair of the person who tries to get rid of this demon and two glasses exactly the same being one of them of gold. Once the items are already inside the box the rabbi begins with a traditional Jewish ceremony. Some people say that they’ve been able to witness these ceremonies, which is something like an exorcism in the catholic religion, but that, at the end, the rabbi moves the demon inside the dybbuk box and then proceeds to seal the box with something very but very similar to candle wax.

Thus the person possessed by the demon who clings to him, is released and the demon is forever trapped inside the wooden box.

And for people who think this is just a superstition or a myth. I tell you that dybbuk boxes have been put up for sale on popular internet auction sites. One of the people who bought this box, was an antiquarian, the man was so fascinated by the finding that he had realized that he didn’t even trade the price of the item, then once at home, he made the worst decision of his life. He opened the dybbuk box and strange phenomena soon began to occur. If you’re interested in knowing what happened to his family and him, I recommend that you see the attached video. In addition, it talks about the chain of buyers who owned this dybbuk box.

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