The real reason you shouldn’t use whatsapp


Whatsapp is an App (application) designed to send messages from smartphones, this tool receives and sends messages using the Internet and serves as a complement to email, multimedia messaging and instant messaging. This tool is not only used to send texts, it can also be synchronized with contacts on the device so that the user can create groups to simultaneously send audios and videos. By 2016, the number of users of this application was over 1,000,000,000,000, with more than 100,000,000 users using the Facebook Messenger application.

Whatsapp, mysteries of the controller application
This popular smartphone tool has made it possible for users to stay connected 24 hours a day for free. And if it is an application with many advantages for its users. But it is very true that for people with weak or very emotional personalities it can be very dangerous. Among the users whose lives have been most affected are couples who are often emotionally vulnerable.

Like any new invention, WhatsApp offers its users many benefits but also some disadvantages. While it is true that we communicate with anyone almost anywhere in the world immediately and “free of charge” can mentally affect and make some people obsessive. And a new type of addiction is being created in which people feel a permanent need for communication in order to feel emotionally or effectively gratified.

Whatsapp increases the lack of trust in people
A user of this application feels obliged to always reply to the messages he receives, as the app shows whether he is online or not. Precisely this quality creates mistrust in some couples as it is shown to the user online when the other person assumes that they should not be and this can have disastrous consequences especially if they are jealous couples.

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WhatsApp creates relationships and also destroys them, with this application people have joined together but because of the misuse of it have separated. This application can be beneficial or harmful depending on the personality of the user. Users with a balanced personality would never use wathsapp by hiding. But on the other hand a weak personality creates an addiction to this app and not receiving messages causes a lot of emotional damage.

Excessive control: The famous application gives its users a “fortuitous” control that often becomes obsessive about other users and what they are doing or not doing. But this feature offers an advantage at the same time: the constant vigilance and control that this application allows over the status of the contacts and knowing if they are online or not provides a useful tool in the need for parents to know what their minor children are doing while using the application.

User data security; In May 2011, WhatsApp experienced a serious security flaw that left the information in the accounts of users vulnerable to theft.

Since 2016, WhatsApp has been implementing encryption and since then each chat has its own encryption key. WhatsApp claims that not even third parties can see the files or items exchanged by its users.

But this mystery is not solved at all, as Anonymous activists warn on their twitter account: “Don’t get excited about WhatsApp encryption, they probably already have a backdoor, they still belong to Facebook (government collaborator).