The possibility of living in the Matrix is real according to experts

Phil K. Dick stated in 1977 that

When we play the Sims, we realize that the game really presents us with a universe of its own rules, its own physics and we are practically its God. We can interact with the environment that surrounds the little characters, we can affect their life decisions, we can even reset them and start from scratch if we want. Technically, we can modify the entire environment around them. The same thing happens with other simulation videogames or games that present us with an open universe. Now, if humanity is able to create such realistic simulations

Wouldn’t a more advanced race be able to create the environment around us?

Perhaps, yes. Many scientists seem to have rebelled against human logic and have decided to tell the world that we can really be living a computer simulation. Are we living in the Matrix?

The environment around us, real or false? The Matrix could be more than a work of fiction.
ElonMuskm, a technology entrepreneur, announced in 2018 that the possibility of living within a computer simulation is more real than we think. Obviously, he made it clear that the possibility of this could be one of millions, but the possibility exists.

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the matrix

Following Muskm’s thoughts, Ray Kurzwell and Alan Guth, an artificial intelligence expert and another scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have stated that perhaps our universe is nothing more than the science experiment of some high school student in a larger universe.

The possibility that thinking beings are trapped in fictitious realities, however, is highly unlikely for them.

A computer environment that looks like Matrix?
The expert in comosology, Guth, thinks that our universe could be a simulation of a Big Bang as part of some experiment performed by higher beings, in an attempt to find out how his was created.

Muskm, on the other hand, says that if our world is really nothing more than a simulation, we would only be part of that simulation. We would not be thinking beings beyond what artificial intelligence requires.