The NASA experiment that was cancelled by aliens

In the 1970s, the whole world was looking forward to spacecraft missions and finding extraterrestrials.

In the 1970s, the entire world was looking forward to NASA-made spacecraft missions with the first man arriving on the moon. Apollo 11 was the spacecraft that led Neil Armstrong and BuzzAldrin to the moon, giving us the epic picture of Armstrong walking on the lunar surface. However, Neil was the first of 10,000 people NASA was targeting to take to the moon, but everything was disrupted by the arrival of alien spacecraft.

NASA’s Apollo 11 would have been received by alien spacecraft
Former NASA aerospace designer William Tompkins revealed secrets about the Apollo 11 mission in his autobiography Selected By Extraterrestrials. Tompkins worked for a company that designed NASA’s first satellite, Pioneer 1, and was responsible for creating essential components for the Apollo spacecraft.


According to Tompkins, the mission was originally named Apollo Moon, an ambitious project that sought to send 10,000 men to the moon in period and the creation of space bases on it and Mars.

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Armstrong and Aldrin would be the first to go, however, when they reached the moon, Tompkins recalls that the first words of the first one were: “There are other ships here and they are huge” with a trembling voice…

The images of the moon landing were manipulated by NASA?
Tompkins says the CIA confiscated Armstrong’s original videos and labeled them above “top secret” and what the public observed was nothing more than a recording made on the ground by actors.

The false moon landing theory has always been at the forefront of conspiracy theories, but for a person personally linked to NASA and the Apollo 11 mission to say so from his own mouth, makes the hypothesis much stronger.

Have we been fooled? Did the aliens stop us from getting to the moon? Why would they? Why are they leaving us now?