The Mysterious Case Of A Girl At


The social network was born to solve doubts and curiosities of the users in the anonymity. This social network gave way to a gang of pederasts and pedophiles, since in this web the vast majority of users are under-age. has more than 70 million users, it seems to be from a radius but it’s not so; the web was born in 2011 and the minimum age to register is 13 years.

Anonymity Is A Destructive Weapon

Several teenagers ended up taking their own lives; one of the most famous cases was the 14-year-old Hannah Smith. She ended up taking her life for the threats she had from anonymous people on the web after several months of harassment. All this happened in August of 2013, with the great scandal that there was with this subject, the English collected more than 15 thousand signatures for the England government to take action on the matter. The only solution that set the web was to be able to block users and report comments. There are other cases of child suicide suspected to come from

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Cyberbullying and Pedophilia On

Cyberbullying isn’t the only problem on the Ask social network, there are also thousands of pedophiles in it; we have enough with the Catholic Church to find us more shit in this social network. This web is ideal for mentally ill, with such nasty questions as: are you a virgin? how does your pussy look like?, I would like to fuck you. All this regardless of whether the girl is a minor or not

No doubt this social network is the fifth most visited in the world, behind Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Here I bring you a strange case that isn’t widely known, a mysterious girl in who seems to have a dark history with this social network.

Original Source: BossDark