The Macuxi are the mysterious inhabitants of the center of the Earth


The debate on this subject continues to grow more and more energetically. On the one hand, independent researchers stand out, who, supported by the strength of the most recent evidence, indicate that the center of the Earth is an open space in which inhabit the members of the mysterious tribe Macuxi.

Whereas, in contrast, the “experts” of the official scientific community strongly deny this reality, stating that the center of the Earth is a solid and impregnable structure, although everything seems to indicate that its purpose is to discourage exploration of that place, in order to keep what is hidden in there.

Guardians of the inner world

Since ancient times the universe has been the scene of the conflict of centuries, between the forces of good and evil hosts, which means that the stability and survival of the cosmos has been under constant threat since immemorial time by evil beings commanded by the Prince of darkness, this reality has made necessary the formation of intergalactic armies, which maintain the security of each portion of the space spectrum.

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Since its creation, man was given the responsibility to protect the Earth, however, human minds became perverted, thus distorting the purpose of their existence. In this sense, by misusing free will, they rebelled against the established order and gave entry to the evil commander on our planet, from where he operates and plans his assault on the cusp of universal power.

Considering this reality, a quick and effective response was needed to halt the advance of the great dragon’s evil project, so the decision was made to send an alien tribe to Earth to become the guardians of the inner world in order to keep sheltered the powerful sphere of quantum energy, located in the center of the Earth. No one better to carry out this mission than the mighty and wise Macuxi.

The Macuxi have formed a very advanced civilization in the depths of the Earth, using the powerful beam of energy that radiates that place. For its part, the leadership of world power is committed to keep the rest of humanity blind to this truth, to prevent the Macuxi have contact with the masses and reveal the true version of history.

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