The enigmas that trap time travel

The enigmas that trap time travel


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Scientist talks about time travel
Time travel has been questioned almost from the beginning, because scientists and people in general believed that it was impossible for a human being to travel to the past or the future, either with the help of a machine with highly advanced technology or because of the supposed interdimensional portals that exist in different parts of our planet. These portals have been mentioned by a considerable number of people who claim to have traveled through time, the problem is that these subjects do not remember how they were found or where they are located.

Scientists like Einstein, Stephen Hawking and deGrasse Tyson maintain that time travel can be made, in fact, the first two had theories and mathematical calculations that could take a human being on a successful time travel. It may be achieved through wormholes or the invention of a great machine, however, there are many aspects that must be taken into account for this type of situation because it is not something simple that can be done in the blink of an eye, this takes time, patience and above all, disposition.

deGrasse Tyson believes that time travel is possible in the future
Tyson now speaks of time travel as something that could be done in the future, believing that there is not enough knowledge about time to begin to practice it, even when there are people who claim to have traveled, is unlikely. deGrasse Tyson says there are many paradoxes that interfere with these trips, from the way travelers are dressed to the objects they carry with them, because all that is susceptible to getting caught in a kind of limbo, in another universe.

In addition, the scientist argues that time travel would open a gap between universes and dimensions and we could not control the situation.