The enigma of the journey through time that they have kept for decades


Traveling through time and moving between various times and places is one of the most mysterious and popular topics for science for decades. In films such as Back to the Future, this fascination is exploited by the fact that its characters can count on a machine, in this case a vehicle that is able to travel to the future and the past and thus have many adventures.

In reality, however, it is a mystery. Most scientists believe that time travel is impossible, and if it becomes so, it could be fatal to just try.

The mystery of juan titor and his journey through time
A man who called himself John Titor made a series of web publications claiming to be from the future and made predictions about the end of the world. After this he mysteriously disappeared and was never heard from again.

Sir Robert Victor Goddard’s journey through time

In 1935, when Robert Victor Goddard was a Royal British Air Force pilot, he was on a reconnaissance mission over an abandoned airfield adjacent to Edinburgh in the town of Drem. He reported that the airfield was in ruins with cattle on the premises eating grass growing in the cracks in the runway.

Shortly after the same day he presented problems in his biplane with a torrential rain and made the decision to fly again over Drem to take it as a reference and to get his bearings.

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Being close to the airfield that I had just seen abandoned, the heavy rain dissipated and a radiant sun came out. He looked down at the ground and mysteriously at the facilities he had seen abandoned now in full operation and to make matters more astonishing he saw a kind of plane that with all his experience as a pilot at the time he could not recognize.

The machines that were built for the journey through time
It is believed that in order to make a journey through time it is necessary to have a team that makes it possible, the theory says that this is possible if the line of space and time is doubled to the point where these lines cross each other. Technically it is called a closed curve in the form of time.

Within this space that looks like the shape of a doughnut it could become itself through the use of the force of gravitational fields that would create the closed curve in the form of time. If a person wants to go back in time, he or she is supposed to go inside this doughnut and so go further and further into the past with each turn. But this mysterious theory has barriers because to be able to manipulate the time curve the gravity needed must be extremely strong and yet controlled very precisely.

For these reasons today when it comes to time travel, current technology is not able to solve this issue which remains a mystery to scientists.