The dangerous meaning of Dreaming of death, has it ever happened to you?


It is very rare to dream of your own death. In general, one dreams that one is threatened or about to die, but seeing oneself dying is rare. However, when this happens, the dreamer assimilates it to a nightmare with the idea that something will happen to him: serious illness, accident or loss of a loved one… Even in very rational people, this type of sleep takes a premonitory form.

Dreaming about dying is very rare.

All scenarios are possible because there are thousands of ways to die. The dreamer can be associated with his death (feels it) or be seen dead (dissociated). In any case, he will not associate this death with a symbol because the sensations are always deeply unpleasant. Usually, the dreamer wakes up before death occurs.


Sleep of the skeleton, dream of the tombstones, dream of his epitaph, dream of the funeral ceremonies, dream of his burial, dream of his father’s or mother’s death, dream of being amputated, dream of dying, dream of digging his grave, dream of being attacked by zombies, dream of his own death, dream of dying…

Sleep Meaning




Dreaming of his own death for Sigmund Freud is a sign of deep guilt. The dreamer is paid by dying for a mistake he surely made. It is the sign of a work of psychological elaboration that must be done urgently for this guilt to happen to the conscience and help the subject to leave a position of victim or culprit. To do this, he will have to accept to face his unconscious and come out more mature. The dream of his own death refers to the character of Theseus in Greek mythology who had to face the Minotaur in the heart of the labyrinth.

The Minotaur, this terrible monster, represents death and the repressed powers of the unconscious and libido. It can even be said that Ariane and his famous thread are symbolic representations of psychoanalysis and analytical treatment.



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Dreaming of one’s own death implies that desire and fear of change are mixed.

When we dream of his death, anguish often wakes up. In this case, the ego does not feel capable of effecting the radical change proposed by the unconscious. He wants to postpone the process. As with the sleep of death in general, this dream attracts the dreamer’s attention to the psychological benefit of accepting transformation.

Analysis of Peter’s dream, 38 years old: Dreaming of his own death

I’m paralyzed. I see a surgeon on top of me taking off his gloves. He says it’s over. I want to scream that I’m still alive. But no one can hear me. The lights go out. I wake up anxious!” Pierre, 38 years old.

The dream of one’s own death can also be linked to something that is lost, that is being undone (a duel, a movement, a break in love…). The dreamer had this dream after a brutal firing. The surgeon represents your employer and it is true that this job loss feels like a social death.

Sensation of dreaming about death


Death in a dream Dreaming about the death of a loved one

Death appears in sleep, not to signify the physical death of a person but in pictorial form, to announce the death of a relationship or part of our psyche.

Why does the unconscious use death?

Why does the unconscious, instead of clearly announcing the end of a relationship or the dangers of withdrawing part of our personality, propose the image of death (or the skeleton, a symbol explained in our dictionary of dreams)?

Without mentioning waking sleep, if we consider the moments when we allow our thoughts to wander, the very special moments when our consciousness withdraws and the images accelerate before our distracted eyes, we must admit that we are capable of thinking horrors! Very quickly one can foresee an accident, the death of a loved one, a rupture, and it is at this moment that consciousness regains control.

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