The damn hospital. Do you dare to visit it?


The story of the damn Waverly Hills hospital

The Waverly Hills Hospital is by far one of the places most stalked by beings who obey the paranormal world. In this opportunity I invite you to know the history of this place and also the ghosts that live in it.

The waverly hills sanatorium began operating in 1910, it is located in the town of Louisville, United States. From its opening it began to receive people who had tuberculosis. And believe it or not, at that time medicine believed that the cure to tuberculosis was to take a lot of sun and breathe pure air.

This hospital received all patients with tuberculosis, no matter how bad it was. In this way the patients who were in the terminal state, aggravated the patients with a slight picture of the same. To this must be added the over population and overcrowding of the place.

In addition to the previously mentioned, it should be added that the patients were victims of experimentation by the medical staff, where they tried the most bloodthirsty and sadistic techniques you can imagine. Among them were cutting and stripping the ribs without any anesthesia, also stood out the long sessions of electroshock, among others.

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The tortures to which the people were subjected in it have made that to this day they present paranormal phenomena and are seen “ghosts“.

Today the historic sanatorium waverly hills is in the hands of private. Those who use it to make tours paid by the dependencies; where two places stand out by far. The tunnel. Where they took the corpses and the dismal room 502, place where a young nurse of only 29 years, committed suicide hanging from the beams of the ceiling. Some historians say that the reason the girl had to commit suicide is that she was pregnant with the hospital director; although the truth is that there are no solid arguments that this has been so.

It is unfortunate that this hospital is now seen only as an easy business, because the people, who lived and died there, did so in the most basic and poor conditions in which a human being can live. Therefore, they died with a suffering that neither you nor I could imagine. And now even dead, they’re still being exploited.

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