The CIA’s secrets to time travel.


For lovers of science fiction and for normal, time travel has been a subject of debate for many years. For decades, many so-called travellers have appeared, leaving us perplexed with their anecdotes, some with predictions, as in the case of JhonTitor. However, when an agency like the CIA enters the debate, everything seems to take a more serious turn. According to anonymous network informants, the United States has had portals for 40 years and thanks to the CIA, everything has been kept secret.

Does the CIA really hide information about time travel?
The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is one of the most respected agencies in the world, as well as possessing international powers that no other organization has. That is why it is not surprising that it has at its disposal technology that the defence forces of other countries do not even dream of in its existence.

According to information leaked through the network, the CIA and the U.S. government were using facilities dedicated to developing time travel portals, which were built on Tesla quatum Access. All since 1967.

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This technology has allegedly been used to conceal secret information and documentation about military installations and the world order, as well as to gain economic and political advantages from knowledge of future events. In fact, it is said that the CIA seized some theories of teleportation after his death.

the cia and time travel

Does humanity already know about time travel?
General humanity knows what the media shows us. So, perhaps, we know the principle of what temporary jumps are. But we will never be able to know what is happening within the big corporations and governments of world powers.

Are they capable of time travel? Of course he does, he has the power, the money and the knowledge. Have you ever done time travel? We are not so sure of that, but that there is a possibility, there is a possibility, and perhaps our whole destiny has already been predetermined in the future.