Thanks to Google Maps, new alien constructions were discovered in Egypt.

Gracias a Google Maps se descubrieron nuevas construcciones alienígenas en Egipto


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Google Maps: Extraterrestrials could be in the Egyptian desert
The Google Maps application’s satellite cameras have captured a host of really amazing things, from the way the pyramids of Egypt look from space to possible alien spacecraft in the vicinity of various countries on our planet. Users are becoming more and more aware of the things that can be found on Google Maps and are expecting several ufological findings and have already obtained several. It seems that in the Egyptian desert, specifically east of the capital of Cairo.

Extraterrestrial civilizations live or lived in Egypt and Google Maps proves it

The user of Youtube Secureteam10 shared in his channel an interesting video of the Egyptian desert, in which you can see totally strange buildings, especially for the place where they are located. The two buildings have a strange appearance, totally long, pointed and with circles around their contours. One of the aspects that caught the attention of this video is that the user shared the coordinates of the constructions, so you can enter Google Maps and see them yourself. Enter the app and place the following coordinates to see the image that has caused a furore and awe in the web community: 30° 1’14.40 “N 31°43’17.49 “E.

There is currently no one who can explain how these buildings arrived in the Cairo desert or when they were built, so some people maintain that they are the den of an alien civilization that has settled on our planet. On the other hand, there are the people who say that such construction is nothing more than a military base, but that is unlikely because it is impossible for the base to appear overnight and, furthermore, there is a record of all the military bases in the world and in the Cairo desert there were none, at least until now.