Strong evidence could confirm travelers’ existence over time


There are several confirmed testimonies that allow us to assert that the laws of time and space that govern the universe are not as rigid and mechanical as that of classical physics, according to the precepts of Isaac Newton. In fact, in order to understand this science fully and therefore the functioning of the cosmos, we must open ourselves to the most avant-garde concepts of scientists such as Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, whose ideas have given theoretical support to the realistic experiences of those who claim to have corroborating evidence of the existence of travelers in time.

The legacy of the most brilliant minds in history

It is noteworthy that both Tesla and Einstein are recognized, even by the most conservative scientists, as the most brilliant minds of all time, and have gained that unanimous recognition thanks in large part to the broad vision with which they perceived reality, which allowed them to innovate in areas unknown to their time, such as quantum physics and achieve things considered impossible, such as travel in time or visit space.

There are several theories about how these so-called time travelers have managed to overcome the laws of classical physics, as well as their identity and the motives they had to do so. What’s unquestionable is that there’s enough evidence available on the Internet that confirms the truth of these travels in time, although it’s natural that there are still many skeptics who do not end up giving credit to this reality.

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Among the most striking evidence are several articles discovered in sites of archaeological interest, which do not correspond to the historical period in which they were supposed to exist, there’s also a high number of photographs where people appear wearing clothes or artifacts out of order according to their time, and even portraits of important people dating back to before their birth.

One of the most interesting artifacts that are part of the evidence that time travel is a reality for centuries is a small Swiss watch that was found in an ancient Chinese tomb, belonging to Si Qing and dates back 400 years ago. The metal watch was perfectly preserved and synchronized with the time at the time it was found, specifically marking 10:06.

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