Strange anti gravitational phenomenon in the mountains of Argentina. Alien event?


A very particular spot on earth that hides a mysterious secret possibly of an alien nature.
A surprising geographical rarity is alarming the inhabitants of a small town in northwestern Argentina called Jujuy. It’s all about the fact that cars driving along one of its intricate roads hidden in the mountains begin to climb up alone without an apparent explanation against gravity, an unprecedented fact that can now be verified by anyone arriving at this point of the road.

Thousands of curious people have been willing to study the rare event by shutting down their cars and letting the mountain itself carry the vehicles uphill, violating every possible rule of physics, defying even Newton’s law of gravity.

Numerous videos and photographs of people have been published on social networks that claim that their cars climb up the stretch of road 56 near the town of La Mendieta on their own, and where you can see how effectively any vehicle climbs without the help of its engine.

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Testimonies attesting to the inverse gravitational field
The residents of the area report that, for many decades, strange events have been taking place on the mountain slopes opposite the population, and they do not rule out extraterrestrial intervention in the area, while at the same time they affirm that it is certain that here there is an anti-gravitational field produced by powerful and unknown forces that the inhabitants of the area do not understand what they consist of.

Detractors of the paranormal have assured that it is even a mirage, produced by the complicated and winding angles of the mountain, which give the impression combined with the vegetation that it is an ascent when in fact, it is a descent that falls directly into La Mendieta. Recognized youtubers from the region have approached the area to verify that there is indeed this anti gravitational field and have noted the anomaly, while some say that they are stories of the road designed for the curious to come to the area as tourists.

The truth is that there is a very powerful force on that hill that makes machines as heavy as cars climb an impossible slope by themselves and that is paranormal matter worthy of investigation.