Silver sea alarmed by bright UFO seen in broad daylight


Last June 4 in the Argentine city of Mar de Plata, a massive sighting of a bright UFO occurred in the middle of the day, an event that caused alarm in the population and immediately became a topic of forced conversation in that country.

Mar de Plata alarmada por ovni brillante contemplado en pleno día

Many passers-by could appreciate a white light that in the form of circles remained stopped in the sky and that at times turned very quickly, which they classified as an out of the ordinary phenomenon that they didn’t identify as no known object, so that those who managed to spot it designated it as a UFO.

This rare luminous object was seen in several areas of Mar de Plata and in the towns of Miramar, Pinamar and even in Villa Gesell, this according to the testimony of hundreds of people who reported seeing it in full rest and in the same way, in a rotating movement. Do you know what ufologists think about this Argentine UFO?

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In this regard, some specialists from the city of Santa Clara could observe the strange object round and very bright expressed that this object doesn’t seem to be an invention of the human race, so do not hesitate to say that it is a unidentified flying object or an extraterrestrial ship.

However some people pointed out that it was probably a new test plane or some meteorological equipment to measure pollution levels, an astronomer who observed the object indicated that it had a path from west to east and precisely the movement against the route that the planets perform.

Nevertheless, ufologists continue to insist that it really is a visit of alien beings, since there is life on other planets in the universe and they’ve somehow proven that they can make direct contact and have always visited us.