Researchers admit that “psychic children” are a new human species



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Scientists claim that there are “psychic children” would be a new human species
New human beings” are new generations of psychic children whose DNA is not similar to that of other humans. They claim to have come from the stars to make changes and spread the truth about who we really are. They tell us that the main visitors (visitors of the stars) are the ancestors of humanity and have created us.

Humans with alien DNA?
They tell us that the stellar visitors are humanity’s ancestors, the ones who created us. Evidence can also be found in recent discoveries about Nazca’s alien mummies. Mummy Mary, recently analyzed by Russian scientists, is a genetic experiment, a hybrid being, a mixture of alien and human, an experiment that took place more than 6000 years ago. What happened thousands of years ago in the Mesoamerican countries today is happening again, but in a different way. The new psychic children are stellar and hybrid human children who possess a Cosmic Consciousness.

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Most of our species still sleeps and must be awakened to our true heritage. Star children (Indaco or Rainbow), as many call them, have come here to help, especially with new ecological and spiritual technologies. It is no coincidence that the structure of KABAL-Illuminati Power knows these new births, the new Warriors of Light who are being born. Therefore, Kabal, who represents darkness and enslaves humanity, does not want the awakening of humanity and is declaring war on the new births of stellar children through the inoculation of vaccines, making them obligatory. We call them Vaccini against Consciousness because they make the Star Children harmless.

We are now living Armageddon, the battle between good and evil. But we also know that there are star children among us, but the entire human race has advanced at a rate that is unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces. But it is far more likely that this rapid progress of the human species is due to the extraterrestrial intervention of our body and mind.

Indigo theory is gaining ground in recent years. Find out who they are
These were the “indigo blue children” (or indigos) who, according to the stages, were individuals belonging to a new species of human beings, endowed with particular abilities, who came to the world to impart a great change, for the better, to the human species.

To deepen the theory of Steps, sensory Lee Carroll and his wife Jan Tober wrote in 1999 the book “The Indigo Children The New Kids Have Arrived”, considered by those who believe in indigo children’s theory, a real milestone.

But what are the characteristics of the Indigo child?
They are children endowed with special abilities and strong paranormal and psychic powers, hyperactive, hypersensitive, hypersensitive, hypersensitive, rebellious to any form of government or discipline imposed, rich in willpower and creativity, endowed with empathy and great imagination and with enormous intellectual faculties, have a high moral sense and a strong technological mentality. Indigo children would also have the extraordinary ability to speak to angels.

According to Indian children’s scholars, this new human species has come into the world to build a land free of pollution and wars, a more just and just world, and would work to create a new humanity.

In the Sacred Tree site we find an interview with Nancy Ann Tappe that explains what are the different human typologies of indigo children. We propose a step forward:

HUMANIST: The first type is that of the humanist, who will carry out his work in contact with the masses. They are the doctors, lawyers, teachers, traders, businessmen and politicians of tomorrow. They will be at the service of the masses, and they are hyperactive.

They’re extremely sociable. They talk to everyone, whatever the situation, they are extremely affable; they have deep-seated opinions. In addition, they are not comfortable in the physical body, are hyperactive, as I said, and sometimes hit the walls because they forget to use the brakes. They don’t know how to play with one toy at a time, they have to take them all out, have them all in front of them, even if they don’t even touch them.

Does your child have memories of a past life?
They are the kind of people who don’t just have to be warned once to tidy up their room, they need to be reminded constantly because they are easily distracted. They enter their dormitories, begin to order, but then they see a book; then they sit and read it, because they are greedy readers. Yesterday I was on board a plane and there was a three-year-old indigo who was capricious. His mother gave him the emergency manual and he opened it to see the illustrations. The boy sat there, with a very serious expression, and read with great suspicion.