Phil K. Dick stated in 1977 that “The Mátrix is real”

Phil K. Dick stated in 1977 that

His “novels” are based on his own experiences which confirm that “La Mátrix is real”.
Phil K. Dick is considered the most important science fiction writer of the 20th century. The aforementioned author made some statements in 1977 that caused great controversy. He said that his “novels” are in fact experiences lived in another dimension. They are the result of having lived in a fearful world, where an evil yoke rules, affirming that the Mátrix is real.

In this sense, she relates that she had contact with a female entity (from another dimension). Afterwards he continued a mystical experience and it was there that he was shown that what we know as reality is false.

If we want to investigate the subject, we must go back to 1974 and review his works. The first is about a future police state “Flow my tears, the policeman said”. The second is “The man in the castle”. These novels are a recreation of Dick’s memories of interdimensional travel. Until now, the author’s stories were considered “science fiction”.

They affirm the possibility that the universe is a matrix or simulation
Statements that The Mátrix is real, made by Phil K. Dick
“We are living in a reality created artificially by a computer program, and we only realize this when there is an alteration in that reality.

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If we study the matter in depth we will find that Phil explains how he jumps to reality what we are experiencing. It turns out that the key is when you change a variable of this programming. Consequently, there is an alteration that we can perceive as if we were living the present again (Deja vu). It should be noted that many of us on multiple occasions in our lives have experienced these so-called deja vu. In conclusion, these perceptions of having previously lived an experience in the present are the clearest indication that the Mátrix is real. In simple words this means that a variable of that programming was reprogrammed and at some point an alternative world forked.

The interesting thing is that these same conclusions can be seen in the lake of The Matrix saga of Warner Bros Pictures Studios.

This figure of the literature of the XXI century, went down in history through his book:

“Do androids dream of electric sheep?” From this work came one of the most influential films of all time, “Blade Runner” by Ridley Scott. In this production the Tyrell Corporation creates androids with improved human characteristics, hence its motto:

“More human than human.”

From the above it can be concluded that fiction films have been anticipating reality.

Have you ever experienced these alterations of reality? Do you think the Mátrix is real? Watch the following video and give us your opinion.