Osnis, the alien ships of the sea

Osnis, the alien ships of the sea

Here’s the classification of alien ships from the sea
UFO sightings have been occurring more frequently in recent times. You can see them in the sky moving freely and that’s what really makes an impact, but what happens when that sighting happens in sea waters? The first reaction is to call it Osni (Unidentified Underwater Object). This is in reference to the alien ships of the sea. There are many specialists on the subject who argue that an Osni is nothing more than a UFO that has the capacity to submerge itself in water.

Based on historical evidence, there are those who claim that extraterrestrials have been living among us since ancient times. Likewise, since the first contact with the land, they have established submarine bases in different places of the sea and oceans of the planet earth.

Inquiring into various testimonies we have, for example, El Caleuche, also known as the “Ghost Ship” or the “Witches’ Ship”. According to Chilean mythology, El Caleuche looks like an ancient sailboat, has a white colour and is full of bright lights everywhere. Osni’s classification is earned because it can disappear by submerging into the sea.

extraterrestrial spacecraft from the sea

Is an underwater base feasible for alien ships at sea?
This idea is not unreasonable if we consider that 70% of the planet’s surface is covered by water. Because of this it would be very convenient for the aliens to install an underwater base, motivated by the fact that very little is known about the ocean and its depths. To give you an idea, if the aliens were to settle into the Mariana Trench, which is more than 11 kilometers deep, they would be in the perfect place to hide.

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As a consequence of this some secret reports suggest that Atlantis the lost city is a secret base of Osnis. And the fact is that there are many mysteries that lie beneath the water of our planet.

Since ancient times there have been sightings of Osni, for example in 1492, Christopher Columbus saw a bright light in the sky while sailing in the Santa Maria. “He vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down.” This happened hours before they arrived on land and Colon interpreted it as a sign that they would soon be on dry land. Very curious, don’t you think?

Osni sighting documented by a government
On October 4, 1967, on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, under the astonished gaze of those present, a UFO was spotted floating on the water. Eventually it leaned to about 45 degrees and after a burst of light and sound disappeared underwater. Then the mounted police and the coast guard arrived at the site, but when they approached the site they found nothing, only a yellow foam. This has been one of the few cases formally documented by a government agency where it has been declared that an Osni was responsible for the event.

extraterrestrial spacecraft from the sea

More recently, other sources such as WIKILEAKS have reported a US war against OSNIS in the Antarctic Ocean. Researchers have also picked up strange objects moving around the ocean.

What is certain is that our planet is an immense book of secrets that we are far from knowing. There is a great eagerness to discover outer space when we do not yet discover the surface where we live.

Do you know of any cases of Osni like the ones shown here today? Watch the following video about these alien ships from the sea. Finally, I invite you to comment on what you think.