NASA satellite discovers a Vortex in the sea?


A voracious swirl capable of destroying a complete state appeared near the southern coast of Africa, a fact that left scientists perplexed because they couldn’t find any explanation on the matter. This vortex at sea, discovered by NASA, emits a mysterious blue glow that attracted the attention of intellectuals, who are currently determining its implications.

In this sense, it should be noted that 71% of the land surface is covered with water, so it’s normal that there are still large unexplored areas in the depths of the ocean, which contain many puzzles to discover.

The colossal marine vortex was found about 500 miles off the coast of South Africa and its large diameter covers more than 100 miles over the Atlantic Ocean. According to experts and analysts, a discovery of this magnitude has no precedent in history. On the other hand, its strong and bright blue light constitutes an additional element that has baffled the researchers, who at the moment are used in depth to find its origin.

In recent years it has been shown that the ocean is rich in countless mysteries, which makes it the favorite destination of many members of the ufological community and investigators of paranormal affairs. However, in order to decipher them we must shed the prejudices imposed by the domes of power and thus open our minds to understand the ethereal, quantum and unimaginable knowledge that the marine world has to reveal us.

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In this sense, it’s a palpable reality that the human being, even with all technological advances, hasn’t been able to fully explore his own planet, much less the depths of the sea and this is due in large measure to infiltrations and manipulations of the scientific community by the sects that control global geopolitics, which use the ignorance of the masses as the basis of their power.

What do you think is the cause of this incredible spot in the ocean? is it a military experiment? Is it a new technology? Is it pollution? Or is it maybe some trace of an extraterrestrial civilization in our seas?

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