NASA is hiding information about Mars

La Nasa esconde información sobre Marte


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NASA astronauts talk about music they heard on Mars
A couple of days ago, NASA files were released on the Apollo 10 mission, containing a series of photos and statements by the astronauts leading the mission themselves.

In these files were found recordings that were made of the crew members of the ship who told with astonishment what they had experienced.

According to all of them, the mission was organized so that before the moon landing the spacecraft would pass through the hidden face of the moon, according to them, when it passed there was a failure in the communications system with the NASA power station, and this failure lasted a whole hour.

During this time the crew did not know what was happening but in the waiting they listened to a music that at first they thought was coming from the NASA power station but soon after, when they arrived almost at the area planned for the moon landing and they re-established communications, they realized that they were not the ones who had put it on, and their question was where did that music come from?

NASA’s response to the mystery of Mars
This is a question that we all ask ourselves but that not even NASA itself can answer.

Michael Collins, who was the astronaut who was unable to step on the Moon on the Apollo 10 mission, did so on the 11th and was so shocked to hear that strange melody again that he put it in writing in one of the mission documents, which were declassified in 2008 and have now come to light.

That strange whistle didn’t take our minds off the crew and makes us think that it’s what’s on the hidden face of the Moon they don’t want us to know.