Myths about the events that precede an earthquake – caused by the planet Nibiru?


Many times it has been heard that almost always before an earthquake occurs, lights that come from the earth are seen, some of these stories may sound like legends or stories told by people, although these stories told could stop being myths and become reality, scientific studies have shown that these flashes of light that can appear before or during earthquakes, are due to the fact that soil movements that occur near geological faults can form electrical charges that we can see as flashes of light.

Is the planet Nibiru responsible for light flashes during earthquakes? myth or reality?
For some time now, testimonies have been heard from people who perceive rare manifestations, strange events that occur as if predicting the arrival of an earthquake, among these signs we can mention the lights that are observed before this natural phenomenon occurs or during it, these light manifestations have a scientific explanation, they had already been studied since the year 1600 where the first sightings are said to have occurred. But for many people, this phenomenon would still be related to the already well-known planet Nibiru and its approach to the earth.

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Recent studies have had much agreement with the one that was already being studied, especially what was perceived along vertical faults, scientists agree that through these faults there can be abrasive rocks interacting with each other and that by the movement produced by the tremor, they can generate electricity when in tension and this can rise to the surface and interact with the atmosphere manifesting itself in the form of light. This scientific theory could overturn the argument attributed to the planet Nibiru.

Could these lights prevent major disasters from earthquakes?
Although it has not yet been confirmed that all earthquakes will come with electric charges, nor because sometimes they come with flashes of light and sometimes not, or what is the reason for the charges.

Projects are beginning to be carried out to observe and record these lights, especially in these areas known as seismic risk areas, in order to prevent large-scale disasters. This idea began to be raised by a specific event that occurred in the earthquake L’Aquila ,Capital of Abruzzo, Italy in 2009, where a person who lived in the area when witnessing the flashes of light 2 hours before the earthquake was able to take his family to a safe place.