Mythological beings that exist in real life


Mythological beings and strange creatures can simply leave us speechless, the answers to these unknown beings continue in the interrogation at the moment. Does the case actually exist? Throughout our existence, there have been a number of apparitions and other discoveries that until today haven’t been able to be explained.
These are the main creatures and mythological beings known to mankind:
SIRENS: Beings with the upper half of woman and the lower half of fish. They have a wonderful voice.
HYDRA: Era hija de Equidna y Tifón, tenía siete cabezas y si le cortaban uno le salían dos más. Fue criada por Hera y parió Quimera. También es madre de la Esfinge y del León de Nemea. La mató Heracles en uno de sus doce trabajos y, tras su muerte, Zeus la colocó en el firmamento.
HYDRA: She was the daughter of Equidna and Typhon, she had seven heads and if they cut one to her, she’ll grow two more. She was raised by Hera and gave birth to Chimera. She’s also the mother of the Sphinx and the Lion of Nemea. Heracles killed her in one of her twelve works and, after her death Zeus placed her in the sky.
Cyclopean: They are very strong giants of a single large eye, located in the middle of the forehead. To this eye are attributed special powers, since it’s capable of disintegrating almost anything with a look.
Minotaur: Minotaurs are huge humanoids with bull’s head and tail, very strong and muscular.
CENTAURUS: Normally they’re considered children of Ixión and of a cloud with form of Hera called Nèfole, which means cloud.
FÉNIX: Fabulous bird of enormous size, which is shaped like an eagle, with feathers of beautiful colors. It’s native to Ethiopia and is related to the sun worship in Egypt.
CHIMERA: It’s a hybrid of lion, goat and dragon. It usually has two or three heads. Awe-struck by her characteristics, she was defeated by the hero Belerofonte, who defeated her aided by Pegasus.