Matrix Will Be A Fact or Fiction, It Could Be Possible!

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There is no doubt that the film Matrix has been one of the most science fiction blockbusters in the history of cinema. However, this production has also raised a host of questions about the most sceptical people in the world we live in.

There are many mysteries that surround reality itself, events that even the most specialized scientists have not been able to answer to certain science and that generate more doubts about who we are within the universe.

What is real, what is not real, what is a simulation, how do I know if it is a simulation, how do I know if we are under a simulation if everyday life has made it common?

These are some of the questions that have been addressed in many debates about the reality in which we live and which, to date, have not been answered.

We live in the Matrix?
At the Academy Awards Ceremony, a peculiar event took place that alerted all of them. The best film award was given to Lalaland, the winners went on stage, gave their winner’s speech and while everyone was hugging and congratulating each other, about to leave the stage, one of the winners read the envelope with the winner’s award and Surprise! The winner had been Moonlight.

Something similar is attributed to the super bowl won by the Patriots, in which they managed to turn the game around in an unthinkable way, with impossible catches and defensive coverings that were unimaginable.

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For some people, these “mistakes” are impossible to make in our reality and they fuel the theory that our world and everything we know is nothing more than a simple simulation controlled by “someone” or “something” that changes it at will. No one knows.

Failures of reality, proof that we live inside the Matrix.
The hypothesis that we live in a simulation is not just a matter of internet outsiders, on the contrary, Nick Bostrum, a philosopher from Oxford University, raised the possibility that members of a much more advanced civilization might create simulations of their ancestors using much more powerful, advanced and modern computers.

And this is attributed to what is popularly known as “reality failures”; impossible events that have no logical explanation and happen more every day than we think. Has it never happened that, no matter how much you look for something, you don’t find it, but when you stop looking for it, it immediately appears in the same place you thought, you left it? Reality can often surpass fiction.