Manuscript 512 identifies the best-kept treasures of a forgotten city in the amazon jungle


In a hidden corridor of the National Library of Brazil specifically in the section of rare works, is the enigmatic Manuscript 512, which records in its 10 pages written in Portuguese the author’s living testimony about the discovery of a mysterious city located in some Place of the amazon jungle, surrounded by nature and all kinds of riches.

However, the greatest attraction of this ancient metropolis isn’t the possibility of finding gold in it or other material wealth, but its architectural development that made it look more like a famous Greek city than a colonial town.

One of the most mysterious places on earth

Undoubtedly the amazon jungle is one of the most mysterious and dangerous places on earth, since the first European explorers went to discover it and try to conquer it in the sixteenth century, many have perished in the attempt, not only because of the diseases and strange poisonous species that it houses inside, but also according to the testimony of some survivors, by the occurrence of events very implausible and difficult to explain. No doubt they had to do with paranormal manifestations of native aboriginal spirits or deities or actions of aliens, to avoid irruptions in sites that have served since ancient times as extraterrestrial inns that eventually visit the earth.


The factors explained above make this jungle a unique place on the planet that remained as a virgin territory and in total harmony, until the arrival of the European conqueror in the colonial era, contrary to the generally accepted from the Eurocentric point of view, which Europe was the center of world development and that no other region of the world could be as advanced as that continent.

We must say that as stated in Manuscript 512, the evidence shows that before Christopher Columbus’s arrival in American lands, native populations already had extensive knowledge in all kinds of sciences and important advances, such as the architectural and economic development of this Amazonian city, which made it comparable with any city on the old continent and in which aliens were most likely involved.

Elements that stand out in Manuscript 512 of this Amazonian metropolis

Manuscript 512 was originally a notice sent to the viceroy of Brazil in colonial times to inform him of the extraordinary discovery by the members of the expedition that could see the city.

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In the notice they indicated to him that initially they could see a glimpse in the distance that caught their attention in the top of a mountain, but that when trying to go up to it they realized that it was impenetrable, after days camping in the base of the mountain devising a way to climb to it, by chance a deer guided them to a path paved with stones that was covered by the mount, by which they could climb without any inconvenience to finally discover the best kept treasures of the amazon jungle.

After climbing to the top of the mountain and descending to the valley they noticed that the city was uninhabited, and what they could see that gleamed in the distance were magnificent monuments of glass, that adorned the entrance of the city that was designed to the purest Roman style.

From the very entrance of the city they could see diverse monuments, only comparable with the greatest wonders of Phenicia, Sumeria or Babylon, and in many of its walls there were writings in a language similar to Arabic. In the center of the city stood a square with a high ivory monolith on which stood the statue of a man pointing north.

In front of the main square was a huge building that seemed to be a government palace and on the other side a beautiful temple. In addition, the city was bordered by a mighty river, which in turn fed small canals, lakes and artificial lagoons that constituted an advanced system of irrigation for the different crops that they possessed.


The manuscript goes on to relate that Joao Antonio discovered among the ruins of a house what was clearly a gold coin, engraved on one side with the image of a bow and an arrow, and on the back appeared a young man kneeling, which led to the conclusion that beneath the ruins there could be huge amounts of coins of this type, which is why it’s probable that after the viceroy had received that letter he had sent whole swords to explore that city in search of more wealth, plundered and destroyed it, so that it couldn’t be found by modern explorers.

These data are convincing evidence that before the arrival of the European conqueror there were already developed societies, such as the original population of this Amazonian city, which could well be the home of an extraterrestrial population that emigrated to notice the arrival of the European invader to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

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