Life found inside mysterious pyramid in the middle of the sea


Definitely nature won’t stop surprising us, not only for its infinity but also for the myriad of enigmas that surrounds it. As is the case with this exotic rock formation in the form of a pyramid that since its discovery was believed to be inhospitable and uninhabited, but recently and to the bewilderment of the entire scientific world was found a strange species of unknown creatures living in its inside, without a reasonable explanation so far by science about its origin or the way they implemented to reach that mysterious pyramid in the middle of the sea.

The mysterious Ball Pyramid is home to one of the strangest creatures on earth

The Ball Pyramid is undoubtedly among the most fascinating places on earth, located in the middle of the Tasman Sea between the territories of Australia and New Zealand. This rock formation is isolated enough to remain oblivious to the havoc caused by human society.

However, since the discovery of the fact that it houses nothing less than one of the strangest creatures on the planet, it became a strong attraction for scientists and mystery hunters from all over the world, who haven’t stopped visiting the island in search of clues and evidences that allow them to find an explanation for the multiple enigmas that this pyramid and its exotic host contains.

A story that occurred millions of years ago

It’s still undecided whether this huge pyramid has a natural origin or if in fact its formation is the product of a systematic process of design and construction, whose authorship could be attributed to intelligent creatures that could be human or alien.

According to rigorous scientific researches, this fascinating rock formation has an age of 7 million years. At some point it was the focus of formation and subsequent eruption of an explosive volcano of the Jurassic era, so it’s presumed that in ancient times it could have been the home of a lonely and old dragon, who at a certain time of the year was visited by whole pilgrimages of dragons and beings of different species, in order to pay homage to him and nourish themself of his wisdom.

Among the strongest evidences of the existence of this wise ancestral dragon, we have reports of sacred documents belonging to the aboriginal ethnicities of the Polynesians such as the Maori of Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia, which date back thousands of years and in whose annotations were recorded the most important oral traditions, which Maori ancestors passed from father to son for thousands of generations.

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In these documents emerge testimonies of the sea pilgrimages to a place which name can be translated from the original word as “temple of fire“, which were performed to be in the presence of whom they call in one of their most sacred verses “our passionate guide that covers us among its wings and consumes our enemies with the fire of his lips“.

Among the interpreters who are experts in the hermeneutics of ancestral texts, there’s the belief that these verses make clear allusion to a dragon god, even if we consider that said island known nowadays as the Pyramid of Ball, is exactly in the center of the principal nations of the oceanic continent, it’s as if the ancient Maori societies, among other major Polynesian ethnic groups, had revolved around the cult of that island.

It’s also worth remarking that the rocky design of the Ball Pyramid at first sight has a clear similarity to the claws of a dragon in a pyramidal form, so it’s not at all unreasonable to deduce that its elaboration was performed by intelligent beings to be the temple and home of his dragon god.

The mysterious pyramid of the dragon today

This island in the shape of dragon claw was baptized in contemporary times like Pyramid of Ball, for being discovered in 1788 by the lieutenant of the British navy Henry Ball. Since then it was only considered an exotic nature curiosity without giving more importance.

However, in 1964 a group of hikers tried to reach the top of the pyramid, but although they didn’t make an even more impressive discovery, they found the fresh corpse of a strange creature that they would later identify as Lord Howe’s Bicho Palo, an ancestral and a huge insect believed to have been extinct since the Jurassic era.

Such a discovery caused a stir but shortly after it was forgotten, until in 2001 a scientific team decided to explore the island and discover all its mysteries, as soon as they arrived they found remains and excrement of the great insect but they didn’t see any copy alive.

Until they finally decided to drill the rock to see that what it hid under the surface, and there they found 24 copies of this fascinating creature that could have coexisted with the mentioned dragon that was the original owner of that islet. Will there be other types of strange creatures beneath the surface of the Ball Pyramid? Is this the hidden gateway to an underground civilization?

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