Incredible: video captures strange creature half man and half… Chimera beast?


There’s no need to put too much emphasis on the idea that there’s an ‘unofficial’ science and hidden from the eyes of all of us, the ethical line has undoubtedly been crossed by many scientists and top secret government entities. But what isn’t something common or frequent is that the evidences of these dark and illegal practices, are in sight of all in a video captured by a group of young people.

The human has been seeking for many years to give life to new creatures from human organs, although this is something that has never been confessed in public, but that the most secret scientific groups and organizations of power like the Illuminist or even the army itself knows.

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For hundreds of years, the chimeras were literally a legend. The expression comes from Greek mythology. In context, the science considers the chimeras as somewhat less extraordinary. The word represents all kinds of creatures that contain a mixture of genetically different tissues. This can occur naturally, if twin fetuses are united after conception. But hidden science has developed techniques that can artificially reproduce this process, which could be the result we see in the following video: