This is undoubtedly the most convincing evidence that there is an incredible similarity in some structures of Mars with Egyptian statues, it is one of the most incredible images of Mars, it was obtained from official documents of NASA by the mission “Mars Exploration Rover” image captured by the Opportunity ship in 2007.

It is noteworthy that these digital documents are obtained with the highest technology of NASA; the camera in question is panoramic with a super resolution (Pancam). Pancam cameras are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weights 270 grams; it can produce mosaics of panoramic images as large as 4,000 pixels in height and 24,000 pixels around. The geological area documented by NASA’s opportunity was studied for over 300 days in which she was exploring Victoria Crater taking photographs of all rock formations.

There is one of the panoramic photographs taken by the Rover Opportunity that really captured a lot of attention since one of the walls of the crater found a silhouette similar to an Egyptian statue on Earth. This evidence continues to generate many questions rather than answers and are still mysteries. Do you think this is an ancient alien civilization? Could they have migrated the land?

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